Office Pantry Inventory


The future of inventory management has arrived.

How much should I order? What's left in stock? Why is this empty? Can we switch it up? After decades of struggling to get information, Crafty's program management platform gives you valuable answers. Plus, the expert F&B team who make it a reality.

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Inside Your Inventory Center

Office Pantry Inventory

Explore the latest and greatest inside your digital product marketplace.

Too many tabs? Not anymore! Discover what’s new in the world of coffee, snacks, drinks and supplies is all in one place. Got something in mind? Quickly filter what’s available by employee tastes, dietary preferences and values.

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Reliable deliveries with multiple levels of quality assurance at each step.

They say don’t cry over spilled milk…but we’ve all been there. That’s why we made it a point to have checks and balances within our platform to ensure the accuracy of each delivery so you know you got what you paid for.

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Office Pantry Inventory
Office Pantry Inventory

Keep track of all your products across all your locations without breaking a sweat.

No matter what we do, all we think about is you…and how to keep all your products organized and easy to pull at a moment’s notice. Painlessly view your product selection across your locations and pull segmented lists with ease.

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Automation tools to keep your office pantry inventory at that sweet spot.

Not too much, not too little, but just right. Crafty’s order automation tools pull from the Goldilocks playbook, using minimum thresholds that react to the ebbs and flows of your workplace consumption so spending stays on track.

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Office Pantry Inventory

People and Tech for the Win

🏆 We’d like to thank our onsite heroes.

We couldn’t do this without our amazing crew:

• Checking and rechecking every order

• Taking inventory day in and out

• Organizing the stockrooms to perfection

• Making proactive recommendations in real-time

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"Crafty has completely changed the office's vibe. If you're taking an hour-long train in and can't even get a cup of coffee or a bite to eat, your experience will be tainted fast. Now that people are comfortable, they're getting work done faster."

Miranda Myers,

Employee Experience Manager and EVP Americas Lead at Kin + Carta

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