The Crafty Platform

Power Your Program with One Platform

📈 A robust technology suite to fuel your future.

Streamline your office food service using Crafty's innovative program management platform. Crafty powers your teams to order thoughtfully, spend responsibly and adjust accordingly to craft a thriving workplace culture aligned with your goals.

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Maximize your spend by operating smarter not harder.

High fives for better ROI! Empower your team to make real-time adjustments to save you time and money. 

• Adjust orders quickly to align with your budget

• Reduce waste with impactful product choices.

• Centralize invoicing for easy reconciliation.

Control Your Spend
The Crafty Platform
The Crafty Platform

Elevate your workplace experience with personalized pantry offering.

Easily manage product lineups across locations to deliver an enhanced employee experience aligned with your values.

• Keep things fresh with new finds in the marketplace.

• Accommodate employee preferences with easy filters.

• Minimize waste with order automation.

Manage Your Products

Deploy a cohesive program without the chaos.

Crafty supports your workplace teams by streamlining F&B operations with 100% transparency to save you time.

• Delegate the heavy lifting to Crafty’s F&B experts.

• Easily stay informed about onsite operations.

• Feel supported with your dedicated Crafty team.

Oversee Onsite Operations
The Crafty Platform

Hear from a Regional Office Manager at an Asset Management Company

Before Crafty:

Managing the F&B program with another vendor took 70% of their time

❌ Excessive oversight and top-level management
❌ Low standard and inconsistent execution
❌ Gap in communication and visibility
❌ Lack of solutions

After Crafty:

That time has decreased to 15% due to the following reasons:

✅ Empowers office leads with the tools to succeed
✅ Easiest implementation without lingering issues
✅ Proactive communication with insightful solutions
✅ Full transparency with a suite of reporting tools

"At its core, our technology streamlines operations, enhances customization, and promotes data-driven decision-making, ensuring that every aspect of your F&B program operates at peak efficiency and alignment with your company’s unique needs and preferences."

Nathan Rosenstock

Crafty CEO & Co-Founder

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