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Employee Snack Boxes and Crates

Ship your office experience anywhere. Crafty in a Box is filled with your employees’ favorite office snacks, drinks, coffee, and beyond. Elevate team morale one box at a time.

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Remote Employee Engagement

🕣 Snack Time, Anytime!

Make remote employees feel connected and valued by delivering the office experience to their homes. Crafty enables you to send each employee Crafty Credits, which are virtual dollars they can redeem to create a customized snack box with their favorite office snacks, drinks, coffee, and home-office essentials.

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Crafty in a Box

Customizable Snack Boxes

😋 Variety is the spice of life.

Fulfill your employees’ every craving with Crafty’s vast assortment of products. The Crafty product catalog has office snack and beverage options for dietary and health preferences along with DEI and sustainable values. 

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Office Snack Crates

🤝 The secret to byte-sized engagement…get it? 

Need office snacks for an upcoming meeting, client visit, or just to spoil your awesome team at a satellite office? Check out our Crafty Crates filled with a currated assortment of the leading snacks and beverages that everyone will love.

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